What is driving you in business?

Desire versus fear? What is driving you in your business? Click To Tweet

Recently, I was watching a video in which Tony Robbins mentioned ‘...life is the dance between what you desire the most, or what you fear the most.’

Let's face it, that’s a good way of describing the way we live sometimes.

What is driving you at the moment? And what is driving you in your business? Is it what you desire the most: your goals for business growth and success, and your dreams and the possibilities? Or is it a fear, whether that be the fear of failure, loss, exclusion or uncertainty?

When we first start our business we often have big dreams to be a success and to grow, and… Click To Tweet

But working long hours and facing repeated challenges and roadblocks along the way can be discouraging which can lead us to fear whether we are up to the task, and fear that we will fail. Given the current state of the national and global economy, and watching other businesses fail left and right, is enough to induce fear in even the most stalwart of business owner.

Desire versus fear? What is driving you in your business?

From my experience, both are equally powerful and depending on your upbringing or current state of mind or attitude, one will be more dominant.

The trick is what you focus on!

Now there is no rocket science in that last statement, but it is the universal law … what you… Click To Tweet

So what is driving you in your business at the moment? Are you dancing with desire or fear? What business goal do you want to see realised?


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