How To Use Principles of Lifelong Learning to Update your Course Design

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An edupreneur is someone who educates their market -but remember educating your market never stops. Instead, it’s a lifelong journey to continually bring the best of changes in your field to your followers and students.

In order to be an effective edupreneur, I suggest two things:

  1. Conduct an audit of your online course content by taking the course as if you were a student in the field right now.

Start with: What about the content is effective? What is lacking and or missing? What would I want to learn? What aspects of the content is dated

    2. Look at the trends and latest in the field that you’re teaching; for example computer science or psychology.

  • What is emerging and coming up in your field?
  • What feedback do you get from your students?
  • Take someone else’s online course in your field; study their delivery model, design and content
  • Attend a conference on your course topic and or around course design; what do you see that’s being implemented that you haven’t tried?

The goal is to continually bring the best and most relevant knowledge and skills for your audience to succeed.

   3. Create a system to keep your online course current

  • Invest time and energy for yourself and your audience to update it once a year
  • Schedule a date and block of time in your calendar where you evaluate, reflect and revisit your current course structure, content and design
  • Email your students for feedback if you don’t get any - ask for specific information about what they want to know more about and how the course can continue to serve them
  • Stay connected with your industry - attend conferences and share your knowledge while bringing what you learn to your students

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