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The New Era of Entrepreneurship

We are in the midst of a learning revolution which is having the knock-on effect of a dramatic business evolution.
Consumers are hungrier than ever to know why and how things are done, and are only buying from those who tell them.
This change is happening right now, it’s spread is unstoppable and it’s gaining momentum daily.  Those not willing to jump on board are already getting left behind and closing up shop forever.
It’s time to shift our way of thinking about obtaining and retaining business, time to shift how we provide information about our

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industry, products and services and shift how we nurture marketplace relationships from the traditional methods of sales and marketing, to using the platform of education as a way to nurture everyone and everything around us - at the same time as our bottom lines.

If you are ready to shift into the new way of doing business, this chapter will explain what your new life and job role as an Edupreneur might look like.  READ MORE>>>

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A Message From The Editor

In 2015 I celebrated my 10th year in the education business.  Part of me wondered where the time had gone, and another part of me felt like it had been 100 years.  How much I'd learned, how many roads I'd been down, how much I had to share.

I'd single handedly built a successful education based company from absolutely nothing, operated it in 3 countries, employed tens of people and had even turned down a $3 million offer for it when I was just 28.  But it wasn't always easy.  10 years ago there were no supportive Facebook groups full of experienced colleagues and experts eagerly waiting to help you.  There were limited resources on business development unless you had money and lived in a big city.  And so, I learned it all the hard way.

Aside from unwavering commitment and determination, the true key to my success has been approaching my market with an educational mindset.  By thinking 'edupreneurially' instead of entrepreneurially. I have a global marketplace because I have educated my market - profitably, and ANY business in any industry can do it too. The platform of education is open for anyone to use.

I wanted to create a resource that I wished I'd had when I first started out, and so I founded 'Edupreneur Magazine' in 2015 to help others who wish to learn about course creation, edupreneurship, edu-marketing, edu-business and educating a market.

With love,

Sarah Cordiner

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